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House Swag, aka Curb Appeal

You’re driving down a residential street and a house catches your eye, you slow down and stare at it until you hear someone honking at you because you’ve come to a complete stop in the middle of the road. What was it about that house that made you want to ruin the day of the person driving behind you by stopping in the middle of the road? Whatever it was, you’re turning around to go back and take a second look.

1. Make your front door pop!

It’s the first thing that other people encounter when they approach your home (assuming you don’t have bikes and broken toys littering the front walkway) so give it a fresh coat of paint that complements the color of your house! Add a little something extra like a door knocker, or a cool wreath that reflects the season or holiday! Is your doorknob out of date? Swing by Lowe’s on your way home and check out the latest and greatest, and make sure after it’s installed that there aren’t any smudges or marks on the door around it.

If this is what your front door looks like, pat yourself on the back.

front door

If this is what your front door looks like, don’t even think about patting yourself on the back.

ugly front door

Here are some more tips from the pro’s at Better Homes & Gardens!

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