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Staging Your Home: 5 DIY Tips for Sellers!

You’ve talked it over with your significant other, your co-homeowner, your better half, or maybe just yourself, and you’ve made the decision- it’s time to sell your house. Then you look around your house and imagine it through a prospective buyer’s eyes and suddenly you’re feeling self-conscious and insecure. What changes should you make that won’t require five million trips back and forth to Lowe’s? Where do you get started when you’re ready to transform your home into a show-worthy home? Well, here are a few ideas!

1.White Curtains

White curtains? Really? Yes, really. Letting in natural light is key! As much natural light as possible! You just bought gray curtains from Pottery Barn and they are gorgeous, but they aren’t going to let as much light into your home as white ones will. Pack up those gray curtains and save them for the new home! White curtains will help brighten a room and make it seem bigger.

white curtains

2. Clear the Clutter!

Clear off all your shelves and take everything off the walls. Next, dust! Actually, first make sure you have a clean air filter in place, then dust! Microfiber cloths are the best for this job. Once everything is cleaned, redecorate sparingly. If there is a new subdivision being built close by I recommend touring their model homes to get an idea of how to stage a home like the pro’s, or you can do a Google search for model homes and browse through the images. Your home isn’t always going to look like a model home but it can for a few weeks until it sells!

A well modeled living room where obviously no children or pets reside.

model living room

3. Get Rid of Your Family

Don’t get rid of your family, but do only leave one or two family portraits hanging on the walls or decorating the shelves. The goal is to create a space where someone else can imagine their own family living when they walk in. If you have children and you know that someone is coming to look at your home, make sure the front entrance is clear of skateboards, rollerblades, etc. It’s no easy task to keep a house clean when there are kids in your home, but having a clear pathway to the front door creates a great first impression!

Seriously, don’t get rid of your family, you love them, remember?

sad child

4. Take a Good, Hard Look at Your Bathmats.

You don’t normally criticize them, but it’s time. The rest of your bathroom has been cleaned and it sparkles, but an old, dirty, beaten down bathmat tells prospective buyers that you don’t care THAT much about cleanliness. And if you don’t care THAT MUCH, what else in your home do you not care about keeping clean?

Okay, this is extreme, but you bloody well get the point, right?


5. Look Up

THERE’S A SPIDER! Or at least a cobweb or two, anyway.  Get your finest broom and get those ceiling corners that look like a scene from a horror movie. We don’t spend a lot of time studying what’s above us, but when someone is coming in to see a house for the first time they study above, below, sideways, and any other direction they can think of.

I hope this post was helpful! Good luck selling, and happy cleaning!

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