South Florida Real Estate

Elite Concierge Service

      Main Street Realty offers an Elite Concierge Service for all listing properties and buyers. While most real estate agents consider “The Closing” as the end of their obligation to a buyer or seller, Main Street Realty continues their service beyond the closing by offering continued support to the buyer for their new home with a well vetted list of just about anyone that the buyer may need in the future.  Our Elite Concierge has been offering their services to the community for over 20 years.

Our Concierge includes plumbers, electricians, handymen, painters, boat captains, fishing guides, and even helicopter services. These people are tried and true. They offer quality work and are honest and trustworthy. The buyer can be confident in knowing that they are connected in their new community. Many high end condominiums have this service and it is a valued commodity. 

As a seller, this is just one more reason for a buyer to choose your home over another- we offer all of our buyers the Elite Concierge Service if they purchase a home through Main Street Realty.

 The Concierge Service is just one of the many ways that Main Street Realty stands out as a hands on personal realtor that can help you sell your home more quickly and make your buyer feel special.

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