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Hurricane Resistant Home

You’re enjoying your day at home in Michigan when you hear on the news that a hurricane is bearing down on south Florida. With a sinking sensation in the pit of your stomach, you are remembering how you left your vacation home in Florida this season without putting shutters over its windows. Why bother when it hasn’t been necessary in the past several years?  Now you’re scrambling to find people to install hurricane shutters and everyone is booked. And that roof repair job you’ve been putting off might be the straw that breaks the camel’s back. More and more homeowners in Florida are choosing hurricane resistant options when it comes to the construction of their home because of this very scenario. Here are a few of the most popular choices:


Metal Roof

Did you know that the average life cycle of a metal roof is 40+ years? Compare that to an asphalt & shingle roof’s life expectancy which is 15-20 years. A metal roof must be more expensive then, right? Wrong, the cost of parts and installation for a metal roof is the same if not less than an asphalt & shingle roof. There must be some kind of drawback then? Yes, if you consider a better home insurance quote a drawback. Because home insurance companies love metal roofs due to their high durability during major storms they issue credits to homeowners with metal roofs on their homes. Thinking about selling your home? East Coast homeowners recuperated an average of 95% of the cost of installation when they sold their homes. Above all else, metal roofs withstand high winds much better than the shingle roofs.


Hurricane Impact Windows

Peace of mind can be invaluable sometimes, and in the scenario above that is especially the case. Knowing that your home will not be penetrated by flying debris that results in water intrusion is priceless. On top of the protection that it gives your home, impact windows are also more energy efficient, reducing the amount of your electric bills considerably. And like adding a metal roof, homeowners recuperate a significant portion of the cost of installing these types of windows if they decide to sell.


Garage Door

Large missile impact rated garage doors not only give a homeowner peace of mind, but home insurance companies love them too, and frequently give discounts for having them. Depending on where you are in south Florida, it may be required that your garage door has this type of rating. This site features a map that shows which regions require what types of garage doors: but very few regions require the large missile impact rating.


Making your home in south Florida as hurricane resistant as possible, whether it’s your vacation home or your primary residence is the best investment you can make towards it. When i’m showing clients different homes for sale, time and time again I see their eyes light up when a home has these upgrades. It may take some money out of your pocket at first, but you will definitely get it back in the long run.









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